What is a refurbished computer?

A step towards a more sustainable lifestyle

When you buy a refurbished computer, tablet or phone from us, you’re making a small contribution to a more sustainable economy. You’re helping to extend the life of a device that, if treated well, should last for years.

Yes, a refurbished device is second-hand. It’s been used by someone else. If it were a car, it’s lost that ‘new car’ smell.

But it still got loads of life (or miles) in it. It’s made up of many different parts, some of which can keep working for decades. Others may need replacing or upgrading from time to time, and we already do some of that work before you get your device from us.

Like a car, a refurbished computer or device also gives you better value for money. It’s considerably cheaper than if you bought it new, but it can still do everything it did when it was first unwrapped. It probably has some small signs of wear and tear, but it’s got the capability to work hard for a long time to come. 

To demonstrate our confidence in how long our computers will last, you get a 24 month warranty. If anything breaks because of a defect, we’ll repair or replace it.

Our refurbishment process explained

Step 1 Computers and other devices arrive at our workshop. They’re outward appearance is inspected, because we only sell those in Grade A condition. 

Step 2 We remove the hard disk drives from all the computers and replace them with SSDs (solid state drives). SSDs are faster, quieter and generally more reliable than hard disk drives.

Step 3 We upgrade the memory (RAM) of some computers. As a general rule, our computers have a minimum of 8GB RAM. 

Step 4 We install a new operating system, usually Windows 10, and other software.

Step 5 The computers are now put through a series of performance tests. We use some of the leading testing tools, which perform over 200 separate checks. 

Step 6 The final stage of refurbishment is quality assurance (QA). Every computer is given a thorough inspection by the QA team. Once it passes, we’re confident that it’s ready to go. 

We only list refurbished computers on our website once they’ve been through this entire process.