Your Warranty Cover

What is a warranty?

When you buy any product from us we provide a warranty.

For you this means that if what you've bought from us breaks down, we'll fix or replace it for you.

Because all the devices we sell are rigorously tested, we're confident that they will last for several years. But occasionally, something breaks. If it does, that's where your warranty comes in to play.

You can return it us and we'll cover all the parts and labour and get you a solution within 7 working days.

We cover all our products typically longer than most other providers, offering a minimum of a 2 year warranty.

Giving you confidence and peace of mind when you buy anything from Peach Stores.

What's covered in your warranty:

An Extended Time

Be secure knowing your product is covered for at least 2-Years (24-months).

Functional use

Have confidence knowing should anything go wrong, we'll cover the parts and labour.

Easy Solutions

Assurance knowing that we pledge to repair or replace within 7 working days.

What you do should something go wrong?

Talk to someone

Email with as much information as possible. If you can, quote your order number, typically, STORE-1234.

Get the items to us

Once you've spoken to the team, we'll help you arrange collection. All we ask if you get the product to us, we'll cover everything else.

We'll sort it

When the products reach us, we'll fix or replace it within 7 working days. And we'll cover the parts, labour and shipping back to you.

Answers To Good Questions

How do I claim on my warranty?

Email us on with as much information as possible. If you can try and give us:

  1. Your order number, typically looks like STORE-1234
  2. The details of the problem
  3. And how you have tried to resolved them


If I want to claim on my Warranty, do I pay anything?

We'll cover the parts, labour and shipping back to you. We do ask you get the products to us, you can use a service of your choice or we can arrange it for you at a cost of £20.


How do I find out the warranty I have with my products?

There are two ways to find your warranty timeframe

  1. On the product page
  2. In the paperwork/booklet included in your parcel

Alternatively if you're unsure you can always contact us.


Are there any exemptions to the warranty?

Because batteries deteriorate with age this is not included in your warranty. However, batteries will perform at a like-new capacity when you get them.

A large majority of our products also come with warranty seals, please be aware in order for us to repair your product, this must still be intact.


Do you cover accidental damage?

No, accidental damage is not included in your warranty.


Can I extend my warranty?

Yes, we do offer a 5-year warranty upgrade on most products, speak to the team about this.